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Type 1 Diabetes and Your Child's Dental Health

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As soon as their teeth begin to emerge from their gums, your child should be introduced to your family dentist. This begins a relationship that can help to maintain their oral health, forming good habits that will last long after their baby teeth have fallen out and been replaced by their permanent adult teeth. There are some health complications which can make it slightly more problematic to maintain a high standard of oral health, and type 1 diabetes is one of these conditions. How might diabetes compromise your child's teeth?

Juvenile Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is typically diagnosed early in life, which is perhaps why it used to be referred to as juvenile diabetes. Although it's a chronic condition, it's a manageable one, and once the diagnosis has been made, your doctor will determine the necessary management plan for your child's condition, which will generally require insulin to be administered, along with the appropriate dietary restrictions being observed. Although effective management of your child's diabetes will make it less likely to affect their dental health, there are still some issues that may arise.

Inform Your Dentist

It's crucial that you inform your dentist of your child's diagnosis, so that they can also be vigilant for any dental complications related to your child's diabetes. Although the development of your child's teeth will generally be unaffected, they are more prone to certain oral health issues. One of the most common issues can remedy itself, in a manner of speaking. If your child's diabetes results in excessive thirst, then the subsequent consumption of water will help to alleviate the dry mouth often experienced by diabetes sufferers. A dry mouth can create an ideal environment for cavities to form, so your child will need to rigorously maintain an appropriate level of fluid intake. 

Being Cautious

Diabetes can also impede the body's ability to heal, so any minor complaints can escalate when they might have ordinarily healed themselves. This means that any oral infections or wounds can warrant a trip to the dentist, as your child might require assistance (namely antibiotics) to speed up the healing process. If anything, your family dentist might suggest scheduling appointments with more frequency just to be sure that there aren't any undiagnosed infections or dental issues that could rapidly become problematic.

When your child has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, it's important too exercise a greater degree of dental caution to manage your child's condition.


24 March 2020