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Reducing The Risk Of Your Toddler Getting Tooth Decay

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Toddlers are notorious for refusing to brush their teeth. During the toddler stage of their life, kids often realise they can have some control over their life by refusing to do things you ask of them. They don't yet understand how serious tooth decay can be and the link between brushing and good oral health, so it's difficult to reason with them. Battles over tooth brushing are no fun for anyone, but bacteria builds up in the mouth when teeth aren't cleaned well, and this can lead to plaque, enamel damage and cavities. So, how do you reduce the risk of your toddler getting tooth decay? Here are a few tips:

Reduce Or Eliminate Snacking

Snacking throughout the day continuously exposes your child's teeth to food particles and creates a hospitable environment for bacteria to thrive. Bacteria produce acid as a waste product, and this acid damages the surface of the teeth. Try to keep a regular mealtime schedule for your toddler and give treats at the end of meals instead of throughout the day. You can encourage your toddler to clean their teeth at the end of each meal, and sometimes making teeth brushing part of their mealtime routine can help them accept it.

Consider Fluoride Varnish

Your dentist can apply a fluoride varnish onto your toddler's teeth if they regularly refuse to have their teeth cleaned. The varnish is painted on and protects the tooth enamel between check-ups. This isn't an alternative to tooth brushing, but if you are working with your dentist to get your toddler to accept having their teeth cleaned, a fluoride varnish can help protect their teeth while you try to work past their resistance.

Give A Vitamin Supplement

Your toddler requires both vitamin D and calcium for strong teeth. Without enough of either of these vitamins, your toddler's risk of developing a chip or crack on their teeth can increase. Damaged teeth are prone to decay, as bacteria can enter the soft tooth pulp through the damaged enamel. Toddlers can be fussy eaters, so if your child is at risk of not getting enough calcium and vitamin D from their diet and sunlight exposure, consider giving them a supplement suitable for their age.

Decay in milk teeth may not seem serious, but if your toddler has to have any teeth extracted before they are naturally ready to fall out, it can lead to problems with their bite and the positioning of their adult teeth as they emerge. If you have concerns about your toddler's oral hygiene, or if they're overdue a check-up, contact your dentist


13 June 2023