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3 Ways To Keep Your Invisalign Treatment On Schedule

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During your initial Invisalign evaluation, your dentist will produce a clear treatment plan. If all goes well, this plan tells you how many trays you need to use during your treatment and how long it will last. You also get a plan-based cost.

However, you have a part to play in this schedule. You influence the length of time it takes for your treatment to work. Given that a longer treatment time and additional trays will increase your costs, it makes sense to do what you can to stay on track. How can you do this?

1. Don't Take Your Trays Out Too Often

You don't wear Invisalign braces 24/7. You take them out to eat and clean your teeth and trays. Apart from that, you are supposed to keep your braces in your mouth so that they can work on your teeth.

However, it is tempting to remove Invisalign trays every now and then. For example, you might start to snack between meals and forget to put your braces in again for a while. Or, you might take them out when you go out in the evening so that you don't have to worry about what you eat or drink.

Problem is, your braces can't do their job if they aren't in your mouth. If you start to take your trays out when you shouldn't, even for short periods, then your treatment could take longer. If you follow your dentist's instructions about when to wear your braces, your treatment is more likely to work on schedule.

2. Change Your Trays On Schedule

Every Invisalign tray you wear makes one or more adjustments to your teeth. This treatment works incrementally. Once your current trays have made adjustments, you are told when to switch to the next set.

It's important to stick to this schedule. If you forget to change trays, then your treatment stalls. It'll take longer to finish.

3. Take Good Care Of Your Trays

Your dentist will give you all the Invisalign trays you need to complete your treatment. However, if you damage or lose a tray, then your treatment could take longer. You'll have to wait — and pay for — a replacement.

So, take good care of your trays. Handle them with care and keep them safe when you take them out to eat. Make sure to clean them regularly and avoid eating or drinking anything that might stain a tray so badly that you need a replacement.

To find out more about your upcoming Invisalign treatment, talk to a doctor for braces in your area.


6 February 2023