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Tips For Selecting A Dentist For Your Child

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When it comes to registering your child with a new dentist, you'll understandably want to take some time to ensure you are selecting a dentist your child will feel comfortable with. You'll want your child to attach positive feelings to their dental care, and your dentist can impact how your child feels about check-up appointments. You will, of course, want to select a dentist with experience in children's dentistry, but what else should you look for when searching for a new dentist? Here are some tips for selecting a dentist for your child:

Consider The Location And Hours

When selecting a dentist, consider where they are located. You may want to opt for a dentist who's located near your child's school to ensure they can get to appointments easily. Additionally, you should consider whether their opening hours will work with your child's schedule. Perhaps you don't want your child to miss school and require a dentist who sees patients before and after school, or perhaps your child has a lot of after-school commitments and you require a dentist who can see your child during lunch or during the school day.

Look For Reviews And Recommendations

It can be difficult to gauge how a dentist will interact with your child until your child is sitting in their chair for a check-up. If you want to ensure you choose a dentist who will communicate respectfully with your child and help put them at ease during treatment, gather reviews and recommendations before registering your child with a new practice. Look for reviews online and ask other parents what their experiences are of taking their child to the dentist you are considering registering with. Try to establish whether the dentist took time to explain what was happening to the child being treated and whether they are known for using a friendly tone when correcting poor oral hygiene habits.

Visit The Practice In Person

Before registering with a dentist, visit their practice in person to establish whether the environment is welcoming to children. Do they have toys and books in the waiting room? Do they have bright and welcoming wall art that will engage your child and help them to feel calm and comfortable? Are reception staff friendly, or do they seem uptight? Try to look at the practice through the eyes of your child, and, if possible, take them along with you when you make your enquires and invite them to share their opinion of the practice.

When choosing a dentist for your child, consider your child's personality, how they currently feel about dental visits and what's important to them when attending a dental appointment. 

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14 December 2022