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Should You Worry If Your Child Has Bad Breath?

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Does your child complain of bad breath and, perhaps, that other kids at school have mentioned it? If so, it's not unusual and not necessarily something that you should worry about, but you should rule out some potential problems to try and get to the bottom of it. What could be causing this condition, also known as halitosis?

Dry Mouth

One of the biggest causes of bad breath is dry mouth syndrome. This occurs when children breathe through their mouth instead of their nose, and if they do this habitually, it can lead to a lack of saliva. As saliva is important in keeping the mouth lubricated and getting rid of any present bacteria, the said bacteria may begin to grow, and this could lead to problems with bad breath.


Certain medications may also contribute to the problem if one of the side effects is listed as a dry mouth. Talk with your family doctor or chemist to see if they can prescribe something else instead.

Oral Problems

Of course, cavities cannot be ruled out and especially if you haven't paid a visit to your dentist recently. If your child has not been flossing and brushing as they should, tiny food particles can get lodged in between their teeth. This will cause plaque and leads to the growth of bacteria, which can, in turn, lead to tooth decay and eventually cavities.

What Can You Do to Treat?

Water Intake

To avoid problems associated with dry mouth, make sure that your kid drinks plenty of water during the day. Avoid carbonated or sugary drinks as this could contribute to any cavity problems.

Dental Check

Schedule a visit to your local dentist as soon as possible. They'll have a look at your child's dentition and their general oral health, and if they discover any cavities, they will treat them right away. They'll also get rid of plaque and tartar and conduct a cleaning if necessary. If you plan regular visits in the future, you can help avoid any problems before they develop.

Good Habits

You also need to ensure that your child brushes and flosses from now on, and you should probably supervise their work until you are happy that they have formed a habit. You may also want to teach them to brush their tongue as this can help get rid of bacteria.

Problem Solved

If you follow some of the above tips, then you should be able to remedy any bad breath problems. If you have any other concerns, talk with your dentist during your scheduled visit.

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2 December 2021