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Is Your Smile Bright Enough?

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You will smile at someone to convey your friendliness and your pleasure at meeting them. While you are doing these things, how confident are you that your smile is perfect? Are you afraid to open your mouth because there are gaps where there should be teeth or because your teeth are crooked? These are both situations where a good cosmetic dentist will be able to offer assistance. One other and perhaps more common teeth problem where a dentist can help is by dealing with grey or stained teeth. Cosmetic dentists can offer teeth whitening to improve your smile.

Why should you consider having your teeth whitened?

Having grey or stained teeth can dent your confidence and make you reluctant to smile. By contrast, possessing bright white teeth can encourage you to greet everyone with a wide smile, which can help to cement friendships and brighten everyone's day, but it can do more than that. A smile can inspire confidence in others, as well as in yourself. It can help you secure a job, convince a company board or win over a sceptical audience. There are many reasons to consider teeth whitening, but do you know which teeth whitening treatments are most effective?

Choosing your teeth whitening treatment

When you first start to think about teeth whitening, you may notice there are many options available. You could opt for an over-the-counter remedy, but these are rarely strong enough to get the results you need. Teeth whitening treatments are also sold online, but without effective regulation, it is difficult to know what these treatments contain. You could be buying a solution that either won't work, or is so strong that it is dangerous. A much better option is to visit a professional dentist who can offer you teeth whitening that is safe and effective. A dentist will also be able to spot any decay or other problems with your teeth and deal with those before they undertake any teeth whitening.

What is involved in teeth whitening?

There are several approaches to teeth whitening, and no single approach is perfect for everyone. Your dentist might suggest applying a gel to your teeth and then activating it, or they might offer you the option of using a whitening tray and gel that you can use at home. Talk to your dentist to see what approach to teeth whitening is most appropriate for your situation.


11 June 2021