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4 Benefits of Loose Denture Relining

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It is normal for dentures that once fit perfectly to become gradually looser over the years. This looseness can create problems with speaking and eating, so it is best to get it fixed as soon as possible. In many cases, loose denture relining is the easiest, quickest and most cost-effective way of making an old pair of dentures fit well again. Here are four reasons why you should ask your dentist about loose denture relining.

1. Denture Relining Prevents Slipping

The main benefit of denture relining is that it creates a more secure fit, which means that you can eat, speak, laugh and so on without worrying about your false teeth slipping out of place. For many people, having a secure denture fit is hugely important for their quality of life, as it helps to prevent embarrassing moments when spending time with friends or coworkers.

2. Poor Denture Fit Can Lead to Injuries

Slipping dentures are not only annoying; they can also lead to injuries if they scrape against the soft tissues of the mouth. Anyone who has experienced the pain of a mouth ulcer or cut inside the mouth knows that oral injuries can make your life miserable. They can also be slow to heal, as the action of eating or speaking can cause further irritation. Spare yourself the pain of soft tissue injuries by scheduling a denture relining as soon as your dentures start to feel loose.

3. Loose Dentures Increase the Risk of Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

When your dentures are loose, it is possible for traces of food and plaque to slip underneath them. Trapped in this warm, moist place next to your gums, the food begins to be broken down by bacteria, which produce acids that cause tooth decay. Bacteria also contribute to gum disease, which can become a very serious condition if you do not get the right treatment in time.

To reduce your risk of experiencing gum inflammation or cavities in your remaining teeth, be sure to always get your dentures relined as soon as they start to feel loose. You should also continue with a good dental hygiene routine, which involves rinsing your dentures regularly and soaking them overnight to clean them.

4. Relined Dentures Are Less Likely to Break

Poorly fitting dentures move around in the mouth as you chew, which means they experience forces they were not designed to withstand. To reduce the chance of breaking your dentures, leading to a costly repair, schedule a low-cost relining procedure today.


29 April 2021