Preparing for Your Next Trip to the Dentist

With a little preparation, you can make sure that you get much more from your next trip to the dentist. Your local dentist doesn't just check on the health of your teeth, they can also offer many other treatments. This website is designed to bring up the best info possible about the range of treatments a dental professional can offer you. We will be looking at dentures, tartar removal, tooth replacement and much more. While no one who contributes to this site is a trained dentist, everyone is extremely interested in researching and writing about this topic. Thank you for checking out this site.

Who Is A Dentist: A Complete Detail

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A dentist is a medical professional who specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases related to the mouth, gums and teeth. A dentist is a specialized doctor and uses DDM (doctor of dental medicine) and DDS (doctor of dental surgery) after their names. A dental team provides treatment for oral health care. It includes a dental assistant, dental hygienist, and dental technicians. 

What a dentist can do?

Most of the dentists are general practitioners and can perform a variety of tasks. Following is the list of tasks performed by a general dentist.  

  • Diagnose problems by examining X-rays or digital scans.
  • Prescribe medications.
  • Remove decay and fill cavities.
  • Repair and remove damaged teeth.
  • Check the proper growth of teeth.
  • Perform cosmetic dentistry like applying sealants or whitening agents.
  • Provide counselling for oral hygiene and nutritional guidance.

Dental education and training

A dentist is a doctor and their initial course of study is similar to other medical doctors. A dental school requires undergraduate programs like biology, chemistry, health, or science. For admission into dental school, students need to take a dental admission test (DAT). The dental school training includes two years of biomedical study followed by two years of clinical practice. After completing a BDS degree, dentists require a license to practice.

What are dental specialties?

 After completing BDS (bachelor of dental surgery), a dentist can specialize in one of the following disciplines:

  • Endodontics: perform root canal treatment to remove infection and inflammation from the roots of the teeth. 
  • Dental public health: provides good oral health and prevention of diseases. Also, provide counselling services. 
  • Oral and maxillofacial radiology: diagnose dental diseases affecting head, neck, face, and jaws through radiographic images.
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery: perform surgical procedures on the head, neck, teeth, gums, and jaws. 
  • Oral and maxillofacial pathologists: diagnose diseases of the mouth, such as ulcers and bumps, and oral diseases like cancer. 
  • Orthodontics: helps in achieving a straighter smile through dental cosmetic procedures like braces and aligners. 
  • Pediatric dentistry: deals with dental problems of children. 
  • Periodontics: provides treatment for gums and bones supporting the teeth. 
  • Prosthodontics: replace missing or broken teeth and associated soft tissues through procedures like bridges and crowns. 
  • Dental anesthesiologist: provides drugs to reduce or eliminate pain during dental procedures. 

Job scope

The demand for dentists is expected to rise as any other profession. According to a survey, the employment of dentists and related fields will elevate 3% by 2029. Demand for dental services will increase as the studies link oral health to overall health. More education and counselling for oral hygiene will be needed for a healthy life.

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23 March 2021