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Emergency Situations When You Should Call an Orthodontist

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Braces can help you have straightened teeth and a more confident smile. Even so, braces have their set of challenges, like other dental procedures. For instance, the wires connecting the brackets may get loose or fall off and get lost. Also, some braces wearers experience painful cavities due to plaque build-up around the braces. Another complication you may encounter after installing braces is the development of cheek and lip sores. All of these are emergencies that require urgent care by an orthodontist.

Here are some orthodontic emergencies that require professional intervention:

Broken or Loose Brackets and Bands

Orthodontists prohibit braces wearers from eating sticky or hard foods. These types of foods can easily cause your brackets and bands to break. Another reason your braces may break or loosen is trauma to your mouth. If a part of your braces breaks, it is wise to call your orthodontist instantly. If the broken part is injuring your mouth, you need urgent treatment to reattach the piece. You also need the braces fixed immediately if you lose or misplace a section. 

Cheek and Lip Sores

Sores that form inside your cheeks and lips are a sign that your brackets and wires are misaligned. Misaligned braces cause irritation, which then leads to the formation of sores. Mouth sores tend to occur during the few weeks after the installation of braces and resolve naturally when your mouth gets used to the appliances. Applying orthodontic wax to the brackets affecting the area is an excellent remedy to this problem. However, if the sores persist, you need to visit your orthodontist urgently. They may adjust the braces and advise you on taking care of your braces to avoid irritation. 

Problems with the Wires

The wires connecting the brackets may snap and protrude from the framework. Protruding wires do not only cause discomfort, but they may poke your cheeks, causing pain and bleeding. Some people try to fix them back using tweezers or adhesive glue. These are temporary solutions that may further damage the braces. The best solution is to contact your orthodontist as soon as you notice any issue with the wires. They will return the protruding wire to its position using the right tools and procedures to protect the other components of your braces. 

Food Stuck In the Braces

Removing food stuck between your teeth is as simple as flossing it out. But, with braces, it is not always that easy. If flossing does not remove food debris from your teeth, then you need to visit your orthodontist for help. The expert will remove the stuck debris and clean your teeth to prevent the development of cavities. You can avoid such a situation by following the guidelines given by your orthodontist.

Braces can drastically improve your facial appearance by straightening your teeth. However, you need to watch out for the above orthodontic emergencies and seek help as soon as possible. When looking for an orthodontist, it is vital to find a licenced and experienced expert.   


30 December 2020