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Are Dental Sealants Unnecessary For Your Child?

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Most people are aware of the importance of maintaining excellent oral health. When your oral hygiene routine is not up to par, you will be plagued by a myriad of dental problems ranging from cavities to gingivitis. Thus, you likely pay keen attention to ensuring you brush and floss daily. However, while you may be trying to instil the same habits in your child, kids are simply not as though as adults are. Moreover, since their teeth will be coming in all through their early life and teenage years, there is always the risk of overlooking the cleaning of crevices and hard to reach areas in their mouth.

Fortunately, dental sealants can help with promoting better oral health. Some parents may think sealants are a waste of money, but this is untrue, as the sealants can be used for adult oral care, too. If you are unsure about dental sealants, read on to learn why they are not a waste of your money.

Safeguard against the accumulation of plaque

When one does not pay close attention to how they brush their teeth, it leaves room for food particles and other debris to be caught in between their teeth and gum line. This poor oral care will then allow a sticky film to coat the teeth, which is what is referred to as plaque. Plaque harbour bacteria so when teeth are not cleaned properly, the plaque increases the likelihood of cavities and gum infections. When left unchecked, the plaque gradually hardens and this transforms into tartar, which is a harder substance that is much more difficult to eliminate via brushing.

Furthermore, tartar not only causes gum recession but they also increase one's chances of developing gingivitis and eventually, periodontitis. Dental sealants dramatically reduce the risk of these oral problems since it safeguards against plaque forming in the first place. Therefore, even as your child is learning good oral care, they have an additional protective barrier to keep their teeth healthy.

Durability coupled with simple maintenance

The second reason why dental sealants should be considered an investment rather than a waste of money is the longevity that they offer. When applied by a reputable general dentist, the sealants can last for up to a decade. Thus, if you have them applied to your preteen's teeth, it is unlikely that you would need to have them replaced before they transition into adulthood.

However, to prolong the durability of the sealants, it is advisable to see a general dentist a couple of times a year. These visits give the dentist the chance to spot the signs of wear and the sealants and fix them before they lose functionality. Overall, as long as your child cleans them thoroughly while brushing, there is a diminished risk of chipping due to hard food debris left on the teeth.

For more information, reach out to a local general dentistry clinic.


23 June 2020