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Why Buy a Brush Head Container with an Electric Toothbrush?

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As you research electric toothbrushes, you'll see that some models come with a brush head container. Other manufacturers sell these cases separately.

While this accessory may not seem important, there are advantages to having a case to hold toothbrush heads. What are they? 

You Can Share a Brush

If you aren't the only person in your house to use an electric toothbrush, then you may have a few brushes taking up space around your bathroom sink. Brushes can get in the way; they take up valuable space in small bathrooms.

Electric brushes are easily knocked over. If you have a hard bathroom floor, then knocking a brush down could damage or break it.

You can actually share an electric toothbrush between people. While you wouldn't want to share the same brush, the base itself can service more than one person.

The heads on these brushes are easy to put on and remove. There's no reason why two or more people can use the same brush at different times. They simply need to put their own heads on when they clean their teeth.

However, this does leave you with brush heads lying around your bathroom. You might get confused over which head belongs to which person.

If you buy a storage container, you can store your own heads in your own cases. You can share the base and make sure that you use the right head. The case also keeps the heads clean, hygienic and out of the way.

You Can Store Multiple Brushes

While some people only use one type of head on an electric toothbrush, some people like to use different brushes at different times. This is also useful if you have periodic problems with your teeth and gums.

For example, you might like to use a small round head to access tight areas the back of your teeth before switching to a larger brush for your front teeth. Or, if you sometimes have problems with tooth and gum sensitivity, you might want to use a softer brush during those times and one with harder bristles the rest of the time.

While you can easily switch heads on an electric toothbrush, you have to find a way to store multiple heads. You want to keep them clean when you aren't using them but you want easy access.

If you buy a container, you can store the heads you aren't using in a safe place. The container keeps the heads free from dust and dirt.

To learn more about choosing the right electric toothbrush, heads and accessories for your teeth, ask your dentist for advice.


11 June 2020