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How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Help Teeth Damaged By Bruxism?

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Has bruxism left your teeth worn and broken? Are you tired of struggling to eat, speak and smile comfortably because of bruxism-induced damage? Then consider exploring the various benefits offered by cosmetic dentistry. A good cosmetic dentist can restore your teeth to their former condition in a variety of ways.

Restore Length

The most common problem related to bruxism is shortened teeth. Because bruxism forces teeth together throughout the night with much stronger force than a person uses while chewing their food, those teeth gradually shorten. The constant force wears away the enamel. This leaves your teeth looking shorter than normal.

A cosmetic dentist can restore lost length by applying composite resin to teeth. Once this resin is in place, the dentist sculpts it, polishes it and then uses a light to harden it. While composite bonding isn't as strong as enamel, your teeth will return to their former length.

Repair Broken Teeth

Composite resin is also a good, short-term option for repairing broken teeth. However, you will need to replace it every few years since the hardened resin can stain or break. For large breaks, dental crowns are more suitable. Dental crowns sit over the broken section of a tooth and restore the tooth's look and functionality.

Provide Chewing Ability

Broken teeth stop you from chewing comfortably. If you can't chew easily, you'll be limited in what you can eat throughout the day. But cosmetic dentistry can also help to restore your ability to chew. Dental crowns can allow you to chew on teeth that were previously badly broken. And porcelain veneers are a good option for front teeth. Their durability allows you to cut and tear food easily.

Hide Cracks and Chips

If you are fortunate, you can get the treatment you need early, before bruxism damages your teeth too badly. In fact, chipped or cracked teeth are more prone to breaking, and thus you should repair them as soon as possible.

Cracks or chips also affect the appearance of your teeth. Again, composite resin is a great way to repair cracks and chips as the resin can be used anywhere on a tooth, for instance between a tooth or on the biting surface of a tooth.

If you are thinking of seeking out a cosmetic dentist to repair your teeth, consider investing in a mouth guard to protect your cosmetic dental work overnight. And ask your dentist to help you discover the cause of your bruxism so you can avoid having to repair your teeth regularly.


29 May 2020