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Why You Should Always Go See Your Dentist About Gingivitis

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Gingivitis is a common dental affliction that affects millions of people every year. While it may seem uncomfortable, many people choose to wait it out rather than go and get it checked out by a dentist for one reason or another. The truth of the matter is that gingivitis can be the first step in an excruciating process if it is not treated straight away. Sometimes gingivitis does get better on its own, but you never want to take the risk of the infection getting deeper. Heres why gingivitis can be so bad.

Examining Gingivitis

Gingivitis is commonly found in people who might forget to brush their teeth or have poor oral hygiene routines on a daily basis. It starts with plaque, which is the film that gathers on your teeth if they do not get brushed. This then leads to an increased build-up near the top of your teeth, which aggravates the gingiva, which is the connective tissue around your teeth. When the gingiva gets too distressed, it starts becoming red, swollen and will bleed in more severe cases. Commonly it bleeds when you brush your teeth, as you rip open the now delicate surface of the gums. 

Untreated Gingivitis

Because these initial stages of gingivitis don't seem so severe, it often goes untreated. Many people realise their error and begin to brush their teeth more thoroughly, which can dislodge the problem. However, sometimes gingivitis does not go away, which is why it is always the best course of action to visit a dentist. Gingivitis is one of the most common conditions a dentist will see in their career, and there is no shame or embarrassment in asking for help. If you don't, gingivitis can quickly turn from annoying into threatening the entire structure of your jaw.


Periodontitis is what gingivitis can become when it is left unchecked. At this stage, the gums begin to shrink back entirely, leaving your teeth more exposed and allowing bacteria to start infecting the jawbone. If bacteria does infect the jawbone, you might need to have surgery to remove the diseased section. It is very common for sufferers of periodontitis to lose teeth at a minimum. Still, at this stage there is much your dentist can do to minimise the long term damage. The best time to visit a dentist when suffering from gingivitis or periodontitis was yesterday and the second-best time is right now. Don't let inaction lead to you suffering horrendous consequences for the rest of your life.


22 May 2020