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Top Benefits of Dental Bridges Over Dental Implants

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Losing a couple of teeth can be devastating, especially if you are conscious about your look, particularly your smile. Thanks to advancements in dental technology, dentists can effectively close gaps created by missing teeth with either dental bridges or dental implants. Dental bridges — also referred to as false teeth or pontic — are a great option if you are looking to restore your smile after losing several teeth. This article provides insight into the benefits of dental bridges over dental implants.

Unrivalled Chewing Comfort

Apart from losing your smile, losing teeth can make chewing difficult and eating a time-consuming activity. Unfortunately, dental implants don't make matters any better because they feel cumbersome and heavy inside the mouth. However, the same cannot be said of dental bridges that feel lighter compared to dental implants. It can be attributed to the fact that dental bridges are smaller, thereby providing greater comfort during chewing. Although dental bridges are made from various materials such as gold, most patents prefer porcelain bridges since they are lighter compared to metal. Therefore, if you want to restore chewing comfort, you are better off with dental bridges than dental implants.

Fewer Appointments

When installing dental implants, the implant is drilled right into the jaw bone. It can take at least four months for an implant to fuse with the bone completely, and this can be discouraging to some patents. Some dentists might try to convince patients that they can have their implants ready in under a week. If you come across such a dentist, it is best to proceed with caution because the claims are designed to attract clients. However, you do not have to worry about this when you opt for dental bridges. A dentist only needs to prepare a mould and the dental bridge will be ready in about a week. You do not have to attend several appointments to check the progress of your bridge.

Non-Intrusive Procedure 

Every patient with a gap that is left by missing teeth is not eligible for a dental implant procedure. For instance, cancer or diabetic patients are incapable of undergoing the surgical procedures involved in installing dental implants. Therefore, dental implants are only recommended to patients whose health condition permits intrusive surgical procedures. The best chance of restoring lost teeth for such patients is through dental bridges. It can be attributed to the fact that dental bridges don't require a surgical procedure and, therefore, are non-intrusive.


21 May 2020