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5 Reasons to Choose Sleep Dentistry

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Sleep dentistry, or sedation dentistry, is a good alternative for patients that aren't comfortable with dental treatment. And if you are one of those people, don't worry, you are far from alone. Around one in seven Australian adults are terrified of going to the dentist for treatment!

But is dental fear the only reason you might choose sleep dentistry over general dentistry when visiting your dentist? There are several reasons why someone might choose sleep dentistry.

You Have a Severe Gag Reflex

For some people, going to the dentist is difficult because they can't tolerate having dental instruments in their mouth. And the act of gagging can be painful as well as uncomfortable. In this case, sleep dentistry will allow you to undergo dental treatment without the unpleasantness that comes from constant gagging.

You Have a Low Pain Threshold

Some people have a low pain threshold. This can be dangerous to both you and your dentist, especially if it causes you to close your mouth or jolt involuntarily when exposed to pain. You might also have a fear of needles because of your low pain threshold.

Fortunately, you don't have to receive your sedation via injection. Your dentist can administer your sedation via inhalation or orally. Either way, though you won't be asleep, you'll be drowsy and in a relaxed state, reducing any pain and discomfort you would otherwise experience.

You Suffer From Social Anxiety

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of sitting in a dentist's chair because you suffer from social anxiety, then sleep dentistry is ideal for you. Once your dentist has administered the sedation, you'll slip into a relaxed state, just conscious enough to obey your dentist's simple instructions.

You Experience Nausea With Medical Smells

For some people, the smells in a hospital or dental clinic can cause them to experience nausea. This can be dangerous during dental treatment. As such, sleep dentistry will help to put you into a deeply relaxed state, where you won't react to the smells as you receive your dental treatment. In this case, you might benefit more from IV sedation or general anaesthesia.

You Need Several Dental Procedures at Once

When you need multiple teeth treated at once, you might have to keep your mouth open for a prolonged period. This can be painful and awkward if you are fully conscious during the procedure. Fortunately, with sleep dentistry, you can undergo multiple treatments in one session without suffering from the aches and pains that come from keeping your mouth open for long periods.

For more information, contact a sleep dentist near you. 


11 May 2020