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How to Use Onion to Relieve Toothache

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If you have a toothache at night or at the weekend, then a quick visit to your dentist isn't going to be possible. If your pain isn't bad enough for an emergency appointment, you may need to grin and bear it for a while.

While taking painkillers may help, a persistent toothache will cut through analgesics. However, you may have something in your home that can help reduce your pain. For example, if you have a spare onion, then this could help.

How do onions help fight toothache, and how should you use them?

How Onions Work for Toothache

Onions contain phytochemicals that have antimicrobial and antiseptic effects. Their juices can target bacteria and get rid of it.

If your toothache is down to a bacterial problem, say if you've lost some of a filling and exposed the inside of a tooth or have an infection, then onion juice can help. It will kill off some of the bacteria that are causing your pain.

This should reduce the severity of your toothache. It may also bring down any swelling inside the tooth. This, in turn, should make you feel more comfortable, at least in the short-term.

How to Use an Onion for Toothache

To get started, cut off a slice from a fresh onion. This slice doesn't have to be that big; however, it should be chunky enough to retain some juice that you can then release on to the affected tooth.

Put the onion on the aching tooth. If you can, it's best to gently chew the slice. This releases the maximum amount of juice as quickly as possible. It will then spread over and into the tooth so that it can get to work.

If chewing is painful, then simply hold the onion on the tooth by clamping your teeth together. You'll still release some beneficial juice this way. You may find that you can chew the slice gently after a while as its juices release. If not, just hold it in place for as long as you can.

You should find that the onion gives you some pain relief. Bear in mind, however, that this is likely to be a temporary fix — an onion doesn't have strong enough healing properties to cure a deep-seated problem.

While you can repeat this treatment periodically to get relief when your pain returns, plan to see your general dentistry services provider as soon as you can. They can find the source of your toothache and fix it permanently.


21 April 2020