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Two Ways to Minimise the Cost of Getting Clear Braces

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If you require orthodontics to correct the misalignment of your teeth and would prefer to have clear braces but are concerned about how much these could cost you, here are some tips that should help to minimise the expense of opting for these type of orthodontics.

Opt for Clearcorrect over other brands

Some big brands who sell expensive clear orthodontics devote a lot of their resources to marketing their dental products. Because of this, many people who need braces but who don't any prior experience with them, assume that these big-name brands are the only ones who sell these type of goods. This can result in them believing that their only option if they want transparent orthodontics, is to fork over the substantial amount of money that these companies ask their customers for.

If you have been reluctant to request an orthodontic referral from your dentist because you made the aforementioned assumption and cannot afford to pay huge amounts of money for your braces, then you should find out if any orthodontists in your area use off-brand invisible braces, such as Clearcorrect, in their practices. These braces are clear but are usually far less costly than the braces sold by other brands. As long as you take good care of them whilst you're receiving your orthodontic treatment, off-brand braces should be just as effective and robust as those sold by other companies.

Never defy your dentist or orthodontist's instructions whilst you're receiving this treatment

The other way you can minimise your orthodontic treatment fees is by fastidiously obeying any instructions that your orthodontist gives you in regards to wearing, removing, inserting and handling your braces (as invisible braces are removable), as well as heeding any advice they offer regarding what foods you must avoid.

The reason for this is as follows; if, for example, you do not pay attention when the orthodontist tells you not to have any chewing gum whilst you're wearing the braces and you end up routinely chewing on pieces of it, the gum could damage the trays. If this happens, you will have to pay for an extra visit to the orthodontist to have these trays repaired. Likewise, if you regularly eat with your trays in and food gets in the space between the trays and your teeth and is left there for most of the day, the prolonged contact between the food and your teeth could result in cavities that you will have to pay your dentist to fill.


7 April 2020