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What to Do If You Knock a Tooth Out Late At Night

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Have you knocked a tooth out late at night? Then you need to act fast to save that tooth. If you get to a dentist fast enough, a dentist can re-implant the tooth and save it.

But if you are unsure of how to proceed from this point, follow these steps.

Step One: Pick the Tooth Up Gently

Pick the tooth up by its crown. Do not touch the root because the root is covered with periodontal ligaments. Once a dentist re-implants the tooth, those periodontal ligaments will be pivotal in how well your tooth reattaches to the bone in the socket.

If you are too rough with the periodontal ligaments, they could die and prevent the tooth from reattaching.

Step Two: Clean the Tooth Carefully

Once you have found and picked the tooth up, you need to clean the blood and debris from it. But remember that you need to be careful when doing so. Only use milk or a saline solution to clean the tooth. Never use anything that might damage the root, such as mouthwash or soap.

Only allow the liquid to run over the tooth. Don't scrub or brush the tooth because you could damage the ligaments and prevent the tooth from reattaching.

Step Three: Replace the Tooth or Keep It in Milk

Now that the tooth is clean, you have two options: replace it or place it in milk. If the condition of your gum allows it, gently place the tooth, making sure it's facing the right way, into the socket. If you struggle to do this, then hold the roots above the socket and slowly close your mouth. Do not force the tooth into position as you could damage the ligaments.

If it isn't possible to re-implant the tooth, then find some milk and a small vessel. Place the tooth inside the vessel, such as a sealable bag, and add some milk to keep the tooth moist. You now have 30 to 60 minutes to get to a dentist.

Step Four: Locate an After-Hours Dentist

You have as much as an hour to get to a dentist. After that, it becomes more difficult to re-implant your tooth. Fortunately, there are after-hours dentists that you can see in case of an emergency such as a knocked-out tooth.

If you have knocked a tooth out late at night, use these steps to ensure that you save your tooth and smile.

To learn more, contact an after-hours dentist.


30 March 2020