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Three Tips to Follow to Help You Cope With New Braces

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At the basic level, we use teeth for functions such as chewing food and helping us correctly pronounce words. However, there is a secondary role that teeth play, and one that sometimes overshadows the other roles. Your smile determines your self-confidence, which means that when you have crooked teeth, you will be tempted to close your mouth when you smile or to avoid showing people the imperfection. One of the simple ways to correct overbites, under-bites and other issues that create tooth misalignment is getting braces. Having new braces can be quite painful, which is why you need tips and guidelines to help you cope.

Get Oral Anaesthetics

Braces are going to hurt in the first few days. This is because something new has been introduced in your mouth, and the adjustment causes pain and soreness to the teeth and the gums. The pain will be worst in the first few weeks after the braces have been introduced. To deal with the pain, get an oral anaesthetic that is available over the counter and a cotton swab. Keep swabbing with the liquid at intervals, and you will experience the much-needed pain relief.

Eat Soft Foods

Another reason people have a hard time after the first installation of braces is that they also attempt to eat hard foods soon after. Remember that braces are basically repositioning your teeth in the gum, and therefore, the gums will be sore. Any added pressure on them, such as the pressure produced when eating hard foods, will always result in excessive pain. Eat soups and soft foods as much as you can after the initial braces installation.

Orthodontic Wax

Another way you can deal with pain caused by braces inside your mouth is orthodontic wax. If the pain persists despite taking the two measures mentioned above, it is advisable to get a dentist or orthodontist to help you get some wax. The wax protects the insides of your cheeks, your lips and your gums from the sharpness of the brackets. Essentially, this is achieved by coating the surface of the braces with the wax.

Other ways that you can manage the pain caused by brackets is by buying over the counter pain relievers, using ice packs and warm rinses to the mouth. If you follow these steps and the pain or irritation persists, it would be advisable to think about getting help in replacing or adjusting the braces. 

To learn more about braces, contact an orthodontist in your area.


24 March 2020