Preparing for Your Next Trip to the Dentist

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4 Essential Things Your Dentist Wants You to Know Before a Dental Appointment

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There are various fundamental aspects your dentist would want you to understand before your next dental appointment. You probably are already aware of the importance of brushing and flossing your teeth daily to maintain optimal dental hygiene. However, there is more to that when you want a more comfortable dental appointment. The following are four pre-game dental preparations to consider before your next dental exam.

Proper Oral Hygiene

To achieve excellent oral hygiene, your partnership with your dentist is vital. However, in between your next dental appointment, you must play your part. Brush your teeth at least twice daily with a recommended toothpaste and remember to floss. 

These two approaches will ensure you experience little or no tooth decay. If you don't floss often, avoid flossing on the dental appointment day because your gums may become sensitive and irritated. Remain honest with your responses when your dentist asks you about your oral hygiene routine.

No Pain Can Imply a Problem

Pain is a poor guide when analysing dental problems. For most dental concerns, you may feel little or no pain at all until the condition becomes severe. For instance, if you suffer a hairline fracture on your tooth, you won't experience any pain until it splits and widens down to the root. Hence, never ignore a dental appointment because there is no pain; it just hasn't arrived yet.

Avoid Eating Beforehand 

In case you eat anything beforehand, especially if it's piquant, the flavour and food residues can remain stuck in your teeth even after brushing. While the smell of an open mouth isn't always pleasant, fresh garlic or tuna sandwich can worsen the already repulsive experience to your dentist. If you must eat, wait until you finish your appointment, then treat yourself to your favourite meal afterwards.  Therefore, avoid eating anything at least one hour in advance. 

Do Not Wear Lipstick to Your Appointment

If you are a lady, avoid wearing lipstick to your dental appointment. One of the things your dentist requires of you is removing your lipstick before your dental exam. This way, there will be little mess, and your dentist can comfortably perform a full oral cancer diagnosis. Lipstick will hide blemishes on your lips, and this prevents your dentist from doing a comprehensive oral check.

Final Advice

If you are afraid of visiting your dentist because you're ashamed of your oral or dental condition, you are not alone. But rest assured, dentists have seen it all, and they're there to help. For a comfortable dental appointment, consider the four essential aspects discussed above. 


22 March 2020