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How To Minimise Pain On Your Way To The Emergency Dentist

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A trip to an emergency dentist is never fun, but these visits are sometimes necessitated by quite serious injuries to the mouth. From badly broken teeth to implants coming loose, if you have any dental oriented problems that require immediate attention, you should go to an emergency dentist as soon as possible. However, on your way there, you are liable to make the condition worse or at least make it more painful for yourself. Here are a few quick tips you can take to minimise this pain on your trip to the emergency dentist

Don't Change Out Of Your Clothes

Lots of people get injuries to their teeth during sport, and their first instinct is to change out of their dirty clothes before visiting the emergency dentist. This is a little bit nonsensical, and your dentist will not care if you are smelly. Taking a shirt or jumper off almost always requires you to lift it over your head, and even if you are very careful, this is liable to hurt your already sore mouth. Whatever you have on will be fine. If you are cold, bring a jumper or coat that opens from the front.

Drive Slow

You never really notice just how much you bounce around in a car until you have an injury that is sensitive to movement. Always make sure that whoever is driving you, whether that be your partner, friend or parent, knows they need to be extra careful. This goes double for dealing with roundabouts, speedbumps, potholes and sharp corners. Sitting in the front seat is also often a good idea as it is less susceptible to some of the vibrating from the road. Try resting your head on the headrest so that the vibrations from the car disperse over your whole body rather than focus on the only body part not touching the car (i.e. your head). 

Bring Backup Ice Packs

If you have a toothache of any kind, ice packs are generally quite helpful in dulling the throbbing sensation and reducing your overall discomfort before treatment is applied. However, trips to the emergency dentist can be quite long (especially if you live in a rural area), and it won't be long before your ice pack becomes too warm to be of any real help. Bringing a few spare ice packs in an esky or cooler can be useful so that you can swap them out after a while. Always bring more than you need because it is better to be safe than sorry. 


18 March 2020