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How Is Laser Teeth Whitening Done

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Has someone recommended that you undergo a laser teeth whitening procedure? Are you wondering if it really works and how it's done? Teeth whitening has become very popular today because more people now desire to have beautiful pearly white smiles. This not only improves someone's confidence and looks, but it also boosts the general health of their dental system. There are different teeth whitening procedures one can consider in their quest whiten their teeth, and one of them is laser teeth whitening.

Laser teeth whitening or power whitening is an invasive method dentists use to deal with discoloured teeth. This procedure is effective and painless, and it does not damage the structure of the teeth or gum. But how does it work? Read on to know more.

Primary laser teeth whitening steps


Your dentist needs to confirm if you are an ideal candidate before they can start the teeth whitening procedure. Screening helps them gather sufficient information on both your general and dental health. For instance, they will see if some teeth roots are exposed due to gum recession and check for cavities. Adolescents and pregnant women are usually advised to delay the process if possible unless their discolouration case is of great concern. Therefore, do not be surprised when your dentist performs an initial screening. If they find that you aren't qualified, they will offer alternative teeth bleaching options that are more suitable at that time.

Pre-procedure treatment

If your dentist noticed that you have issues like cavities, then they will need to offer treatment and filing before whitening your teeth. This way, the whitening solution will not get through into the interior parts of your teeth and cause harm. The dentist may also prescribe anti-inflammatory medication so you don't experience severe sensitivity issues.

Teeth whitening

The first thing the dentist will do is to place a plastic or rubber guard into your mouth to cover the gums so the whitening solution doesn't get to them. Once your gums are covered, your dentist will apply the whitening compound carefully on the front surface of the teeth. Then, a laser is used to activate the whitening compound, making it easier for it to penetrate the dentin and lift the stains that are lodged in the enamel. This will take several minutes; then your dentist will use a tiny vacuum device to wipe the compound off. The process will be repeated several times, and once the desired results are achieved, your mouth will be rinsed carefully before the protective rubber is removed from the gums.

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18 March 2020